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Purchase of Items

The following Terms and Conditions on apply to the purchase of any and all items (the “Items”) by you, (the Buyer), from The Sneaker List (“The Sneaker List”).  You the Buyer hereby agree to purchase each Item set forth on the’s at the price agreed upon between you, from The Sneaker List listed on any of the individual Purchase Pages or’s website links (the “Purchase Price”).

Items are not returnable and there are no refunds with respect to any Item once you have purchased an Item.  At the time of purchase of an Item you are responsible for determining if the Item is as described on The Sneaker List’s website.  If you do not accept an Item in accordance with this Contract then do not proceed with your purchase.

Once you have purchased an Item it is not returnable and there will be no refunds provided with respect to such Item. 

*$9.99 includes the best available price as 1 result. 

All purchases are non-refundable.

There are NO refunds.

*We ship to BILLING ADDRESSES only. 

*Please check your e-mail as all results get sent through e-mail. If there is no response to an e-mail of a result within a 21 day period your request will be taken off the list.